SPOT Watch For Treehuggers#

Oh maybe this 'll do :-) I just noticed that Robert Scoble uses his watch to show him the weather. Hey, I just look up in stead of down to do just the same thing.

Or if you really do want a SPOT tool to do the job for you, maybe you can build your own! I call this the RSS-Watch (Really Simple SPOT Watch).

What you need (including images for the mentally challenged):

(1) A piece of rope. Not the kind of rope you use to hold ships with; it still is possible but harder that way.

(2) A watch. May be an analog or a digital watch, but at least it must have some kind of light in it. Fire will also do.

How you build it:

  1. Attach the rope (1) to the watch (2).

Note: be careful to provide the rope with a free length of at least a few centimeters/inches (or yards/meters if you're into the whole exaggeration thing). This is crucial.

How you use it:

  1. Go outside.
  2. Look at the rope hanging from the watch.
  3. If you cannot see anything, use the light in the watch to tell the time (I forgot to mention that you should be able to tell the time to use this RSS Watch, I'm sorry, but there might be tutorials on the web which can help). Acknowledge the time and season to comfort yourself that it's night and you're not suddenly blinded or anything. Now go back inside, the weather is only important in the day time because you can't see it at night anyway and furthermore you should be in bed sleeping. Skip to step 6.
  4. Feel the rope to determine the weather:
    • If the rope is dry, it's not raining.
    • If it's soaking wet, it's raining.
    • If it's moist and fluffy, it's snowing.
    • If it's wet and your head hurts, there's hail.
    • If it seems to flash occasionally and make loud noises, there's a thunderstorm.
  5. Use the data your eyes are collecting from the rope to determine the wind:
    • If it's hanging straight down, there's no wind.
    • If it's mildly shaking, there's a soft breeze.
    • If it's both picking your nose and fighting your shoelaces, it's storming.
    • If the rope is gone, you're in a tornado. Panick.
  6. Tell all your friends how cool and helpful your new SPOT watch is :-)

(I should really get a PayPal account for donations on this brilliant idea. Ah well. Back to reality...)

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