Rebirth - Reviving My Pictures Site#

No, don't worry, this site hasn't been hijacked, it's really just me again ;-)

I know it's been a very long time since I posted any actual content here on the blog and any new pictures over at my Flickr site (it's been exactly 7 months actually), but today I'm at least getting started again on the hobby side of things again (well, they're both hobbies but let's say the one I'm not getting paid for :-) ): I've got lots of new pictures lined up to go to Flickr every other day from now on, so keep an eye on my pictures' RSS feed and feel free to give me lots of comments!

I'm also including a bit of text with each picture from now on to give it some more background, which should also help explain the sometimes cryptic titles I tend to give them :-) I do prefer not to give away too much though, so you'll hopefully look at them a bit longer while you try to figure it out...

Here's the first one, but all the other ones will be posted only on Flickr so please do subscribe if you have an aching desire to tell me what you hate about them!

I Will Give You My All

I Will Give You My All

A beautiful sight near Bunarkaig (Scotland), where the River Arkaig runs selflessly into Loch Lochy.

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