Just Released: BuildCop v1.0!#

It is with great pleasure that I'm finally ready to release another open source tool on CodePlex: BuildCop.

BuildCop is a tool that analyzes MSBuild project files (interactively or during e.g. a daily build) according to a customizable set of rules and generates reports - e.g. is strong naming enabled, are certain project properties set correctly, is XML documentation being generated, are assembly references correct, are naming conventions respected, ...

This has grown out of a quick-and-dirty tool to check various build settings in a large customer project (to make sure that the developers were sticking to the guidelines), and has evolved into quite a clean, flexible and customizable tool that you can now start using as well.

All information, downloads and documentation is available on the BuildCop homepage on CodePlex, so rush out and let me know what you think!

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