Developer & IT Pro Days wrap-up#

I had a great time at the Belgian Developer & IT Pro Days in Ghent last week, many thanks to the organizing team (great job Tom, David, Arlindo, Ritchie, Wim and everybody else)!

If you came to my sessions last year, you might remember that I ended a little early (25 minutes!) on my Framework Design talk and a little late (10 minutes!) on the Application Development talk with Steven Wilssens, so I was pretty happy that I finished right on the minute this year :-)

You can download the slides here: A Deep Dive Into The Guidance Automation Toolkit (3 MB). And don't forget about the Guidance Automation Series that goes into much more detail.

Now for a quick shout out to my fellow community members: congratulations Jan on the birth of your first child Fran! From the pictures, it looks like she's already well into the Microsoft spirit :-) And congratulations Bart on joining Microsoft Corp on the WPF team! I'm sure you'll fit right in with the rest of the brainiacs on campus! Say hi to Steven from me :-)

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