A Few Must-Reads#

Clemens Vasters talks about what could be the next big paradigm shift in programming (as was moving from procedure-based programming to OOP): Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Also check out his excellent post on why checking postconditions is more important than checking preconditions.

Eric Gunnerson shares his favorite resource on Deterministic Finalization.

Joel gives a very interesting basic overview of encodings and character sets. A few months ago I was puzzled by encodings myself so I looked into it - and Joel's right: it really isn't that hard.

In another post, Joel explains why he doesn't like programming with exceptions. This is one of those things where I don't know what to think about it, surely he's a smart guy and he will have his reasons to go back to return codes and drop structured exception handling but I don't really see the point and his post doesn't convince me either. Weird.

On MSDN Magazine, Jason Clark from Wintellect talks in detail about the upcoming feature of G enerics in .NET. In a previous article, he already covered a first look at generics, which is also pretty interesting.

The Kiss Of The Titans: Don Box dumps his old-time girlfriend ("COM is Love") and moves on to Chris Sells (voyeur on duty is Tim Ewald by the way). Man, if those drinks were poisoned: no more .NET ;-)

Whow, linkorama ;-)

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